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The Carnarvon Motel restaurant seats up to 120. Dinner is from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. A lunch menu is available on request, and we have kid’s meals available.

Function menu

The Hot Rock Phenomenon

It’s not often that a really exciting new cuisine comes along. And strictly speaking there’s nothing “new” about hot rock cuisine. It’s the revival of an ancient cooking method used by many cultures down the ages, and it’s captivating both our Carnarvon diners and our motel guests.

As its name suggests, Hot Rock cooking uses a volcanic rock heated to 440 C and delivered to your table with a side salad and fries. The possibilities are endless, but take a look at these ideas you can enjoy at the Carnarvon Motel.

Hire the Carnarvon Restaurant

The Carnarvon restaurant can be reserved for private use. It seats 120, but can accommodate 200 standing, so for great occasions it’s a great venue to hire. We’re equipped to provide accessories such as lectern, screen and plug and play audio-visual functionality to complete your event.

Menu may be subject to change.