Things To Do in Carnarvon

Carnarvon Space Museum

Great fun for the kids, and the adults will learn all about Carnarvon’s part it played in the space race.

Helicopter Tours

Depart Carnarvon in style and track north over the historic One Mile Jetty. Cruise past the Gascoyne River mouth and One Tree Point and settle in for a wonderful flight along Miaboolya Beach in search of all kinds of marine life.

Fishing Spots

Carnarvon is located 900km north of Perth on the shallow sandy Gascoyne River. The waters around Carnarvon are pretty shallow, however the fishing can be good. Famous for year round Mulloway fishing, Carnarvon is has man options for land based and small boat anglers. For land based anglers Carnarvon fishing spots are mostly creek mouths and beach fishing. A small boat significantly opens up the options particularly when targeting Mangrove Jack, Bream and Flathead in the creeks. Fishing Carnarvon anglers can expect Mulloway, Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Tailor, Mangrove Jack and the odd Threadfin Salmon.

Red Bluff Surfing

Red Bluff, a.k.a. The Bluff is an iconic left point break in Northwest Western Australia. It’s situated in the Coral Coast region in an area called Gnaraloo which is today one of the best surfing destinations in the world. Gnaraloo is a 14 hour drive north of Perth and 150 km from the nearest city.

Walk the Fascine

The Fascine is a picturesque bay in Carnarvon favoured by locals and popular with visitors. Take a gentle stroll along the board walk on the ocean front to admire the coconut and cotton palms that line the path.

Carnarvon Food Trail

The plantations surrounding Carnarvon utilise 1,020 hectares of cultivated land on fertile river delta flats. The diversity of the produce available in the area is substantial, including a range of tropical fruits such as bananas, mangoes and paw paws, citrus and stone fruit, grapes, avocados and star fruit as well as varieties of melons. Vegetables such as tomatoes, beans, capsicum, asparagus, sweet corn and pumpkin are also grown.

Carnarvon Blowholes

Located 75 kilometres north of Carnarvon, all by bitumen road, this natural phenomenon is an awe-inspiring sight. Powerful ocean swells force water through sea caves and up out of narrow holes in the rocks, jets of water erupt into the air, sometimes up to a height of 20 metres, creating a spectacular sight.

Old Tramway Walk Trail

The tramway offers a 3 km walking and cycling trail between Olivia Terrace in Carnarvon and the heritage precinct around One Mile Jetty. The railway line has been rebuilt and the trail runs beside the rails.

Mt Augustus

Rising 715m above the surrounding alluvial plain, Mount Augustus is an inselberg, meaning ‘island mountain’. There are rocky creeks, gorges and open plains supporting a variety of vegetation and wildlife.

Railway Station Museum

Part of the Heritage Precinct, this wander-though museum (really a large open shed) houses an old steam train, plus info about sheep-shearing in the area. Climb the creaky water tower for views of the jetty, Carnarvon and the coast.