Situated at a stretch of 900 kms awa yfrom the northern Fringes of Western Australia, the Carnarvon is a small coastal town that lies at the orifice of Gascoyne River. To the north lies the famous tourist spot of Exmouth, while the popular Shark Bay and Ningaloo Reef is on the other side. There are a plenty of things to explore in the town, well complemented with luscious foods and comfortable accommodations in Carnarvon. Let’s take a look at some of the prime attractions here.

Gwoonwardu Mia

It is basically an aboriginal heritage and cultural centre where 5 different native groups come together to recognize and rejoice aboriginal culture. You will witness the ethnicity, history and heritage of the Gasocyne’s Aborigines in an exhibition where you get to interact with people of indigenous groups, who will tell you stories in their own language.

Carnarvon blowholes

Carnarvon blowholes

Want to experience a spectacular sight of nature with water jet-streams erupting into the air? The Carnarvon blowholes located towards the north of Carnarvon is an ideal example of the power exerted by waters of the ocean that bulge through the caves and rush their way out from the narrow holes to give a breathtaking sight. You also have a coral filled pond nearby that is perfect for snorkeling through. The white sandy beaches make it a perfect camping and picnic spot for your friends and family.

One Mile Jetty and the Coffee pot

The iconic one mile jetty was established in 1897 and is one of the longest of its kinds. You can go fishing for Tailor,Mulloway and Blue manor crabs in the deep waters without paddling your way on the boat. The Coffee pot train is hardly 1.5 km from this spot where you can enjoy the dusk while exploring the historical uniqueness of this place. This was once used as a transport (mainly diesel and steam railway carriages) for shipping local products to town.

The Overseas Telecommunications dish

Located on the Brown’s range in Carnarvon, the OTC dish once served as the site of the nation’s first satellite station for communication during “Apollo” and “Gemini” Space Missions. This station transmitted the first ever television coverage to the outside world in 1966. The second vital event transmitted was that of Neil Armstrong stepping the foot on the Moon, which was covered via Pacific Communication.

Heritage Precinct

This region is situated at the first port of Carnarvon and was initially created with the establishment of a jetty and lighthouse. Here, you can get pleasure from the sea tramways, walk trails, Rail stations, fishing, Lighthouse Cottage Museum and the Kimberley Steam Train. Venture back to the mid 19th century and bring a sense through a world of fond memories through the Lighthouse Cottage Museum remembering the personalities who cared for the same. The region additionally houses the Railway Museum, abode of the completely re-established Kimberley Steam which was in operation in the 1950s. At the new Interpretive Center, you can sip a cup of espresso, have a frozen yogurt or do a light lunch.