75th Anniversary HMAS Sydney Commemoration 

With the 75th anniversary of the tragic sinking of HMAS Sydney off the coast of Western Australia on November 19th, the Shire of Carnarvon in conjunction with our local Returned Services League (RSL) feel it is appropriate and deserving to commemorate and remember the 645 naval officers who gave their lives in defense of our wonderful country.  This commemoration will involve the Carnarvon community and nation as a whole in this lasting tribute, all family and friends of the heroic HMAS Sydney servicemen, as well as surviving HSK Kormoran servicemen.

Carnarvon has long had an association with HMAS Sydney and the commemoration and preservation of the memory of the 645 seamen lost off our coastline.  This association began in 1941 when German survivors from HSK Kormoran came ashore at Quobba, and were subsequently detained in Carnarvon, where locals formed a bond with these survivors.  It developed further in 1981 with the erection of the Cairn at Quobba Point, and with the erection of the Town Cenotaph.

On behalf of those lost and those who survived, it is important to recognise Carnarvon’s appropriate place in international history, as the area where the only survivors of this tragedy came ashore.  It is this fact that draws many relatives, friends and veterans to Carnarvon, and is this fact that provides sound basis for the appropriate provision of significant 75th Anniversary Commemorations.

For those who had no previous knowledge of this captivating yet tragic war event, we hope that they will leave Carnarvon with a true sense of what transpired, and an increased respect for these past heroic gestures.  For those who come to remember and respect, we hope that our commemorative efforts provide a sense of closure and are seen to be a fitting tribute.  Most importantly though, is that these brave men will finally be remembered in a deserving significant way, at the place of their death, as an eternal reminder to all of the perils of war.

8 Things That Separate A Great Motel From An Average One

You will only know how great or terrible a motel is the minute you settle down after sorting out accommodation. This is because the longer you stay the easier it becomes to pick out defects. If you are particularly planning to stay in a motel for longer, it is advisable to take your time when looking for them. Here are ideas about topnotch motels that will help you narrow down your choices on the place for accommodation.

1. An amazing bar

One of the things that make a great motel is actually the presence of a bar. When talking of a bar, it does not imply a bar with one refrigerator containing cheap beer. Great motels usually have a bar (reasonably sized), a good bartender and multiple beers including cheap ones. Some even offer amazing liquors and fancy cocktails. Therefore, if you like hanging with friends while having beer, you may want to add this to your check-up list.

2. Relaxing zone

A nice motel should also have a relaxing zone; a nice area large enough to accommodate people who may want to hang somewhere else besides a bar. The place should be ideal for socializing and networking. That means you should check out large and open tables, chairs and couches.

3. Great breakfast

Great breakfast

You will definitely come across the word “Free Breakfast” when checking out the websites of motels for pricing and other details. As much as this may sound great, things may not always turn the way you expect. It is good to inquire about the type of breakfast that is offered in a motel. This will help you to make the right choice and avoid disappointments. All in all, great motels put a lot of work to ensure you get a decent breakfast.

4. Wi-Fi and computer station

In the 21st century, everything is about fast communication. As such, a good motel should offer free Wi-Fi and computer stations. This will make it easy for you to shop online or chat with your family or friends back home.

5. Great staff

A motel with amazing staff will ensure that you feel at home while staying in the motel. They are all caring and will do their level best to ensure your needs are met. As a result, you will have a great impression that lingers. Next time you visit the same place, you will definitely want to rent the motel again.

6. Motel location

A great motel is situated in an ideal location. It should be closer to a food stall, restaurant, market place, clinic, pharmacy among others. If the motel is not close to any of these places, then you should reconsider your options for accommodations in Carnarvon.

7. The kitchen

When you are tired and you just want to make an easy meal before you go to bed, the last thing you would want is being frustrated by a small kitchen with only one stove, one refrigerator and less utensils. Good motels know the number of customers to anticipate and therefore arrange for adequate space and facilities.

8. Great beddings

Lastly, you will find nice beddings in a great motel. This is because the hospitality team understands that after a long trip of flying across countries or visiting travel attractions in the locality, you need a good night sleep.

Free Things to Do In Carnarvon And Its Surrounding Areas

Carnarvon is a small town in the north of Australia which is famous for its fruit and vegetable plantations as well as its thriving fishing industry. It is a friendly, tropical and vibrant town with a number of attractions that have pulled in many local and foreign tourists alike and keep them entertained. The palm trees and waterfront are not the only things you can enjoy in this town. Here are absolutely free things you can do and places you can visit while you are in Carnarvon and its surrounding area:

Shell Beach

Shell Beach is located around forty five kilometers south-east of Denham. This is the best place you can visit during your vacations to Carnarvon. It is a marvelous pearly white sand beach that is made up of thousands of small shells extending up to 120 kilometers. These shells were once used to build office walls of buildings located close to this area. You can also visit a few interesting buildings here and check out those walls as well. If you get a chance to visit Shell Beach on a calm day, you will be surprised to see how it will transform into a palette of greens and blues.

The Pinnacles


A visit to The Pinnacles is a must for those who visit Australia. The incredible collection of limestone formations are something which you will never forget in your life. These protrusions are unique and one of their own kinds in the universe as they stand at almost three meters tall. When planning a trip to The Pinnacles, make sure you visit during spring as the local wild flowers begin to bloom and offer a breathtaking contrast between the colorful flowers and the dry desert. You will certainly not regret a trip here as it is an ideal place for the adventure seekers and the families at the same time.


Blowholes are just a phenomenon of the sea splashing through holes and making gushing out geysers like whales do with their heads. The tourists really like the blowholes here, as the clear water and white foamy waves shoot sprays through blowholes and make swooshing noises. The large gush of water at the back of red rocks produces a contrasting beauty.

Eagle Bluff

The Eagle Bluff is an ideal place for snorkelers and divers alike. It is better if you plan to visit this place around the hours near sunset. You will get a chance to witness one of the most amazing sunsets in the west. In the evening, you can enjoy a long walk with your family and enjoy the breathtaking views out across the water. You trip to Eagle Bluff would be incomplete if you do not get a chance to dive into the water and see the abundance of coral and fish in this stretch of water. Consider yourself lucky if you manage to see sharks, dugongs and dolphins. There are many people who prefer to set a camp there and enjoy a peaceful night with their friends and families.

Visit these attractions today and when it comes to accommodation in Carnarvon, you need not worry as there are many quality yet economical choices around so that your trip here will certainly not break the bank!

Kingsford Smith Mail Run Overview

Get a feel for Western Australia’s outback by following in the steps of pioneer Charles Kingsford Smith on the 800km journey known as the Kingsford Smith Mail Run. Taking you from Carnarvon through to inland Meekatharra, the Kingsford Smith Mail Run passes the iconic Mount Augustus and Peace Gorge, both of which are among Australia’s greatest rock formations. As you begin your journey, be sure to explore Carnarvon’s many marine attractions before taking time to delve amongst the majestic peaks and gorges of the Kennedy Ranges.